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The Monero Standard

The fiat system we live under today is nothing like the monetary systems of the past… At least not the prosperous ones.

It is a rather strange time in which a small number of global elites are able to control or influence nearly every aspect of our lives through control of the monetary system.

They are able to take from us and give to them what they please with control of the monetary system.

The Monero Standard is about how we can use money to fundamentally revolutionize societies incentive structures, the challenges we face in society today & how we overcome them to build a long lasting platform for freedom and prosperity.

We look at why Monero is the best tool the world has ever seen to provide that platform.

We can vote all we want and protest all we want. IT WILL NOT CHANGE ANYTHING. 

We must change that by opting into the strongest form of money the world has ever seen…

Here’s how…

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“Amazing inside look at money and how we can use monero as a basis for long lasting freedom”

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“Insightful look at money and Monero”


Stoic xmr

A Word From The Author

Freedom is the best means we have as a species by which we can lay the most solid ground for Prosperity  and Equal Opportunity. 

What we have today in the Fiat Monetary System, is nothing short of Robbery and Slavery.

In the book, we take a deep look at the current Fiat Ponzi scheme that controls the lives of everyone in the world. We also look at how and why ONLY Monero can be the solution to that.

Michael Fitzgerald aka Stoic.XMR
Author & Degenerate Freedom Maximalist.