"We're Not Here For The Income
We're Here For The Outcome"

- Michael Fitzgerald aka Stoic.XMR

My Crypto Story

My crypto story began in 2015 with Bitcoin.

Let’s not say why I bought Bitcoin but rather that the use of Bitcoin was rather different back then. 

Bitcoin was true freedom money, you could use it to buy whatever you liked, it was not automatically surveilled and it really just had a different sense that it was something special. 

Bitcoin was at the time, true freedom money unlike anything I had ever seen. You could send any amount to anyone in the world faster than any other payment method… and best of all, for anything you liked.

It really was what Satoshi Nakamoto had intended to create. Peer to Peer Digital Cash.

That was my first introduction to cryptocurrencies, a newly found freedom tool. 

Moving down the track, I was employed at an undisclosed Bitcoin mining company in 2018. This is where I was able to really build a lot of knowledge surrounding how money could be used to transform society in general. 

Beyond this, I worked within a few shitcoin projects, this is potentially the moment where I became convicted of the real purpose of crypto, freedom money.

I was able to see first hand that crypto had been diverted into a casino style scam funded by cheap fiat money designed to enrich the already powerful at the expense of the everyday person.

I still currently work within the space. 

My main focus is Monero and how we can use money to totally reshape society and provide a long lasting platform for freedom and prosperity. 

I am not involved in any specific shitcoin projects or the proof of stake sphere at all. 

This is just the beginning… 

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– History of Money
– The Fiat Ponzi
– Revolutionary cycles
– Technocracy and Globalism
– CBDC’s
– Social Credit Scores
-Proof of Work

Personal Life

I have always been one to think out of the box.

I have never really been one to… lets say “obey authority”

School was not for me. I was essentially expelled at the end of year 11.

University was not for me. Learning a lot of useless information for the sake of a piece of paper didn’t seem the most rational way forward.

Working 40 hour work weeks for other people at minimum wage was not really for me.

I figured out relatively quickly into adulthood that to make it anywhere in this world, you need to take the risk to work for yourself.

This goes to a bigger value of mine which is personal responsibility and self sovereignty.


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