Privacy Policy

Who we are

We are the Monero Standard

We have the simplest privacy policy…very representative of the values of Monero


We store NO DATA related to purchases except for data required to ship products. After the product has been sent, personal identifying data will be deleted.

For purchases made with dirty fiat, only the absolute minimum data required for tax purposes will be retained for normie world purposes.

The Less data the better


We hate Cookies…. we will not force them on you

Who we share your data with


How long we retain your data

Firstly, we don’t even ask for 99% of it compared to almost every other site but the personal data necessary for orders is deleted straight away after the order has been sent

What rights you have over your data

We are the biggest advocates of you owning your own data, that’s why we don’t collect data to begin with and more importantly, that’s why we are in Monero.

Where your data is sent